Applicants must still go through each page of the application to confirm the eCareer profile data was transferred over completely and accurately.

You will also need to check for any new questions that have been added specifically regarding the job you are applying for.

If you are not careful to ensure all information is complete, you risk the possibility of submitting an incomplete application. In that circumstance, which happens often, the applicant will be disqualified from consideration for that particular job.

One of the pages of the application provides an opportunity to add a Cover Letter. Although this is optional, we recommend including a Cover Letter because it gives you another opportunity to sell yourself as the best applicant for the job.

It also allows you to mention accomplishments or experiences which may not have been explained or highlighted in the application or eCareer profile.

To submit a cover letter, you must complete two steps.

First, use the drop down menu for Application Source Type to indicate the source used to locate the job opportunity.

Next, you may use the Cover Letter box to type out a clear and concise introduction of yourself and explanation of why you are pursuing the opportunity.

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