To create a professional Cover Letter which will help you to shine in this process, we recommend following these guidelines.

  • Open with a pleasant greeting (Example: “Good afternoon” or “Dear Postmaster”)
  • In one or two sentences, state that you are excited about the job opportunity and explain why (Example: “I am extremely excited to interview for the Window Clerk position at the Salt Lake City Post Office. Ever since I was a small child, I have dreamed about wearing a uniform and working in a government position.”
  • In one paragraph, summarize your experience and abilities as they pertain to the job in which you are applying. (Example: Having 10 years’ experience in Customer Support, I have learned to be patient when providing service and resolutions to my customers. I believe that if I am fully knowledgeable about my position and respectfully listen to my customers, then I will confidently be able to resolve any issue completely and in a friendly and professional manner.)
  • In one paragraph, provide a couple of examples showing that you possess the skills required to be successful in the position (Example: While working at Target from 2012-2016, I worked as a Cashier on a full-time basis. I am very comfortable standing for long periods of time, handling cash and card payments, and most importantly, working face to face with customers and ensuring they leave feeling good about their experience with me.)
  • Close with an assertive statement (Example: I am confident after reviewing my application and completing the interview you will find that I am a great fit for the job and the best choice for this position.)

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