Your eCareer Profile

Prior to applying for a job, the USPS requires you to create an account which documents your personal information and work history.

This data is used to create a summary of your education, skills, and professional experience and is referred to as your eCareer Profile. It is often viewed as your electronic and/or digital resume.


As you complete your account, your eCareer Profile will automatically be created. You will soon see that it is very similar to the actual application for employment.

Even though these two online forms are similar, they are different and do not serve the same purpose.

When you apply for a position on the USPS website, you will complete an online application. This will include the standard information usually provided when seeking employment. The account or eCareer Profile is primarily used to identify you as an applicant.

As you begin to complete an application, you will find that most of the information has already been completed on the form. This is because the USPS takes data from your eCareer Profile and populates it into your application.

This is a huge time saver and also reduces the chances that typos will appear in the application.
The eCareer Profile will be most useful for you when you apply for multiple positions as it will apply the data to each of the applications you choose to complete.

Before beginning, we recommend that you read this entire chapter and to learn what information is required. Then you will have the opportunity to gather all of the information in advance, so it will be ready and accessible when you start to work on your eCareer Profile.

It is vital that you have this information readily available, and that you have allotted approximately 30 – 60 minutes to complete the profile. You may not be able to save all of your information and may have to return to it later for completion.

If the entire profile is not completed in one session, it is possible that your account may be locked. If the account becomes locked, then you may not be able to complete the eCareer Profile and ultimately will not be able to proceed with the application process using your current profile account. In that case, you will need to start over by creating a new profile with a different email address and username.

Some applicants find their data is periodically saved throughout the application while other applicants are not so lucky. To be safe, take advantage of every opportunity you have to save your information.

Regardless if your information is saved or not, it may be lost if you do not COMPLETE the application in one session.

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