The Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, as well as the Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence than COVID-19 is being spread through mail.

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    As workers in our country transition to working from home, extremely heavy burdens have been placed on internet phone service providers, and ultimately this has resulted in various technical difficulties. This issue should improve as these providers have an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments. In the meantime, we encourage the use of Live Chat and Email Support for a better user experience. You may access Live Chat at the bottom of this page and contact support via email at We apologize for any inconvenience.

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The USPS is hiring over 1,000 new employees each week all over the country to keep up with demand for home delivery of packages due to increases in online shopping. Each day, on average, 200 new job openings are announced.

Get started now and a career could be yours as little as two to three weeks.

The USPS Hiring Process Has Three Phases

Apply Online

Take an Assessment

Have an Interview

Follow the Steps Below in Order

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Step 1

Guidebook Intro

This step includes basic introductory information about the overall postal hiring process, our Signature Approach to getting hired, entry level job descriptions, pay and benefits.

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Step 2

Create eCareer Account Profile

In this step, you will learn how to create your account profile in the USPS eCareer system, which processes all employment applications, and how to avoid glitches and technical challenges in the profile which may stall or halt your progress.

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Step 3

Virtual Entry Assessments

The Postal Exam 473 is now obsolete. It has been replaced with four entry-level Virtual Entry Assessments which evaluate the needs of USPS as well as the needs of the candidate.

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Step 4

Assessment Preparation

Preparation is key in passing each of the four specialized assessments. Continue on in this step for assessment details, sample questions, sample communications, and tips and techniques on how to answer the questions so that you present yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.

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Step 5

Search Jobs Review Details

It is vital that you understand how to search for jobs the correct way so that you may receive an accurate list of available jobs. It is also extremely important to know what to look for in the Job Details so that you know when, and when NOT, to apply for a job.

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Step 6

Apply for 1 of 4 Entry-Level jobs offering Assessment

To receive an invitation to take an assessment, you must first log into your eCareer account profile and apply to any of the four entry-level positions. This will trigger an assessment invitation to be sent to you the very same day.

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Step 7

Receive Assessment Notification Email with Link

Your Assessment Invitation will arrive via email within minutes of submitting your first application and will have “Assessment Notification” in the subject line. It will include an application acknowledgment invitation to take assessment

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Step 8

Retrieve Assessment Results

Moments after completing an assessment, the results will be posted in your eCareer Account Profile.

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Step 9

Search and Apply for Desired Job and Location

Now that you have completed an assessment and are considered eligible for entry level employment with USPS, you are in the best position to get hired. At this time, you should log into your eCareer Account Profile and search for the job you really want in the area that you really want and apply to it.

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Step 10

Receive Interview Invitation by Email and/or Phone

You may receive an invitation to an interview via email and/or phone. Be sure to check your Inbox and Spam folders as well as your voicemails for any communication about an interview.

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