Final Wrap Up

After following these 10 steps, you should have a clear understanding of the postal hiring process and what is involved with each part of the process.

o recap, there are four paths to follow to get hired into an entry-level job at USPS. Each path involves a different Virtual Entry Assessment.

Once you submit an application online, you will have three days to complete the associated assessment.

Once you complete a particular assessment, your results will be posted in your eCareer Profile.

It is vital to perform well on your first attempt at each assessment.

If you do not pass an assessment, you will not be eligible for that particular job and will not be able to apply to any other job vacancies in that category for one year. If you do not complete an assessment within the allotted three days, you will be deemed ineligible for that particular job.

If you pass an assessment with a low score, you will be stuck with that low score until you are eligible to retest in two years.

Remember, the interview is another opportunity to present yourself as the ideal candidate for the position. There, the Postal Service will form an impression of you and there is where you will leave a lasting impressing before the hiring decision is made.

So smile remain relaxed and confident, and be sure to follow your Do’s and Don’t’s.

Those that make it the interview have been successful in following all 9 steps, in order. All that is remaining is to ace the interview which should be a piece of cake after reviewing the information in Step 10.

You have the tools to get the job. You have the knowledge to get the job. The only thing left to do is GO GET THE JOB!

Best of luck!

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