7. How much experience do you have working in retail?
Less than 6 months
6 months – 1 year
1-2 years
2-5 years
5-10 years
More than 10 years

The Postal Service does not require experience for entry-level jobs, however, it is beneficial if you have worked in a similar role or performed some of the same related tasks. It is possible you never worked in a traditional retail job. Keeping in mind that you want to present yourself in the best possible light, you should think of past jobs where you can draw some similarities and be sure to include them. For example, have you ever worked in a restaurant? If so, be sure to include it as restaurants are considered to be retail. Continue to think along those lines. Have you ever volunteered to work the concession stand at your child’s baseball game? That could also be included as it is in the same category as a restaurant.

8. How many times per year did you have an unexcused absence at your previous job?
1-2 times per year
3-4 times per year
5-7 times per year
8-10 times per year
More than 10

Again, unexcused absences disrupt the workflow and operations of a company. If you call out of work at the last minute, that impacts supervisors, coworkers and customers. As you know, the Customer Service Clerks must ensure customers are served, inventory is stocked, and the store appears neat and organized. If this person has a history of unexcused absences, this appears as if the candidate may continue that behavior in the role of the Customer Service Clerk. If the Customer Service Clerk is not there when scheduled, it could seriously impact the USPS’s ability to meet their daily goals. Therefore, the USPS is looking for candidates who have little to no absences and do not tolerate tardiness. The ideal Customer Service Clerk would answer “None” as it shows a commitment to showing up to work when scheduled. Keep in mind, this only pertains to absences that remained unexcused. It would not count as if you subsequently provided a medical note, provided proof of a special circumstance, or discussed it with your supervisor and the unexcused absence was changed to an excused absence.

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