7. How many times have you recommended a new safety rule at your job?
More than 5
Not applicable

The USPS takes pride in ensuring a safe workplace and an engaged workforce. It is important for a Mail Handler to always adhere and comply to safety procedures. If you have ever recommended a new safety rule, indicate that here. If you have never recommended a new safety rule choose “Not Applicable”. The two choices of “Not Applicable” and “0” are similar but in actuality are different. Choosing “Not Applicable” shows that your position did not involve the addition or revisions of safety rules. However, choosing “0” implies that your position did involved the addition of safety rules but you chose not to participate in the process of recommending new safety rules or revising existing safety rules.

8. How many times per year did you have an unexcused absence at your previous job?
1-2 times per year
3-4 times per year
5-7 times per year
8-10 times per year More than 10

This is only pertaining to absences that remained as unexcused. It would not count as unexcused if afterwards you provided a medical note, had a special circumstance, or discussed it with your supervisor where then the absence would be excusable.

9. How much work experience do you have in a job that had targets or production goals?
Less than 6 months
6 months-1 year
1-2 years
2-5 years
5-10 years
More than 10 years

Although the USPS does not require for a Mail Handler to have experience in a job with deadlines and production goals, you should think of past jobs where you can find some correlations between them. Even if this is your first job or you have not had a similar position, you can be comfortable knowing the Postal Service manages performance by providing a variety of programs to develop and improve your skills that can enhance your job performance.

10. How do you think your most recent supervisor would rate your attendance compared to others?
The very best
Among the best
Above average
Needing some development
Needing substantial development

We learned from the Mail Handler Analysis that the USPS expects Mail Handlers to be dependable. Throughout your postal employment you will always be expected to be present and punctual, do your best at every assigned task, and show yourself to be a team player.

11. At your previous jobs, how many times have you been disciplined for violating a work policy?
More than 10
Not applicable -first job

The Postal Service has standards of ethical conduct for all postal employees. The commitment to trust and integrity permeates the organization, therefore have high expectations for associates to follow their policies. This is a physically demanding role therefore it is even more important for Mail Handlers to adhere to safety procedures and follow rules. You want to have no instances where you have been disciplined for violating a work policy.

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