16. How do you think your supervisor would rate your ambition to become a top performer compared to others?
Extremely high Fairly high
Above average
Below average
Fairly low
Extremely low

Choose the response that best shows you have full confidence in your work ethic and that presents yourself as the ideal Mail Handler Associate. The Postal Service provided career development initiatives and advancements opportunities to prepare employees to achieve their goals and turn their career dreams into realities.

17. Have you ever quit a job before finding a new one?
Not applicable

The goal with this question is to determine if you are responsible enough to secure a new job before leaving a current job. Are you the type of person that overreacts and makes hasty decisions? You do not want to portray yourself in this way. Remember, the USPS will compare this to your work history along with the reason why you left your previous jobs so you must be prepared to answer questions in an interview about this matter.

18. How long did you stay at your most recent job before quitting?
I did not quit
Less than 6 months
6 months-1 year
1-2 years
2-5 years
5-10 years
More than 10 years
Not applicable-first job

The USPS is interested in hiring workers that will stay with the organization long-term. One indicator of this is how long you stayed at your most recent job. They also want to know if you quit that job, or perhaps you may have left for other reasons such as downsizing. Remember, the USPS will compare your work history and reason for leaving previous jobs so you must be prepared to answer questions on this matter during the interview.

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