17. How do you think your supervisor would rate your ambition to become a top performer compared to others?
Extremely high
Fairly high
Above average
Below average
Fairly low
Extremely low

As mentioned earlier, you may not know how your supervisor would rate you compared to others. Choose the response that best demonstrates you have full confidence in your work ethic and desire to learn and grow within an organization. The ideal Mail Carrier will answer this question “Fairly high” or Above average”. Sometimes having too much ambition could be problematic. It could appear as if you are more worried about moving up or taking someone’s job that you are not focusing on doing the job you were hired to do. You do not want to be perceived in this way so it’s not necessarily a good thing to answer “Extremely high”. The ideal Mail Carrier has high ambition but not so much ambition that the USPS may question your intentions in any way.

18. How long did you stay at your most recent job before quitting?
I did not quit
Less than 6 months
6 months-1 year
1-2 years
2-5 years
5-10 years
More than 10 years

This is almost identical to a previous question. Again, the USPS wants to identify your level of commitment to an organization. The ideal Mail Carrier will have a history of remaining with an organization for a long period of time. This shows the person is serious about their career and helping an organization reach their long term goals. The USPS wants Mail Carriers to who are consistent and reliable. The ideal answer would be “5-10 years” or “More than 10 years”.

19. How many times per year did you have an unexcused absence at your previous job?
1-2 times per year
3-4 times per year
5-7 times per year
8-10 times per year
More than 10

Again, unexcused absences disrupt the workflow and operations of a company. If you call out of work at the last minute, that impacts supervisors, coworkers and customers. As you know, the Mail Carrier must deliver mail items to residences and businesses. If this person has a history of unexcused absences, this appears as if the candidate may continue that behavior in the role of the Mail Carrier. If the Mail Carrier is not there to deliver mail items, it could seriously impact the USPS’s ability to meet their goals. Therefore, the USPS is looking for candidates who have little to no absences and do not tolerate tardiness. The ideal Mail Carrier would answer “None” as it shows a commitment to showing up to work when scheduled. Keep in mind, this only pertains to absences that remained unexcused. It would not count as if you subsequently provided a medical note, provided proof of a special circumstance, or discussed it with your supervisor and the unexcused absence was changed to an excused absence.

20. How do you think your most recent supervisor would rate your reliability compared to others?
The very best
Among the best
Above average
Needing some development
Needing substantial development

Reliability is one of the most important attributes for a Mail Carrier. Mail Carriers are expected to deliver mail items to residences and businesses. The USPS must have confidence in the Mail Carriers so they may comfortably rely on them to successfully manage these critical tasks. The ideal Mail Carrier would answer “The very best” or “Among the best”. Keep in mind, any situation where you accommodated a request to work overtime, come in early, or stay late shows that you have a high level of reliability.

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